Our Food

Great Coffee and Great Food
Go Hand-in-Hand

Created by Chefs, food made fresh daily.

Created by Chefs, our Sierra counter food and kitchen menu items are made fresh daily on the premises at your local Sierra cafe. We have hand picked and work with food producers and partners that can consistently meet our demand for quality ingredients and in‐season food items.

Along with eating in at Sierra, we also offer on the go menu items and can also cater your at work or at home function. To talk to us about catering at your place, contact us here.

A menu created for all tastes, lifestyles and with a local touch

Along with our classic, hearty café menu items – from the much loved eggs benedict to beef burgers to our freshly baked goods baked right on the premises each morning – Sierra offers a range of fresh, lighter, in‐season, nutritious menu items. Be it gluten free, paleo, raw, processed sugar or diary free, you will find something to suit each appetite and lifestyle.

Furthermore, each Sierra owner‐operator has the freedom to create local menu items in their café with their local community in mind, to suit local tastes.