Our Coffee

Roasting fresh coffee daily since 1992.

In the first Sierra café on Jervois Road in 1992, 50 kilos of Sierra coffee was roasted each week in our beloved, hard-working 7-kilo Diedrich.  Sierra has been roasting coffee daily ever since, and delivering a consistent blend of exceptionally good coffee served in our Sierra cafes.

Outgrowing our humble beginnings on Jervois Road and to keep up with growing demand, we set up our modern and very nice smelling roastery operations at The New Zealand Coffee Co in Newmarket.  We now freshly roast over 2000 kilos of Sierra coffee every week and serve over 45,000 cups of coffee a week.

One thing that hasn't changed is the care and attention we give to each Sierra batch of coffee. And one thing we haven’t parted with is the original now decommissioned 7-kilo Diedrich that proudly stands supervising each roast, every day.

Our coffee is cleverly crafted and consistently good.

Our Master Roaster Hayden, sources 100% premium grade Arabica beans from Central America and African regions. Each single origin bean is roasted on our modern, large scale Diedrich to bring out the characteristics of the bean that we seek. The Sierra blend is then carefully constructed and crafted, for consistency and impeccable quality.

Sierra coffee is a premium blend that delivers classic caramel sweetness with a bright punchiness able to cut through milks, while also being equally as good as a nutty black coffee. It’s taken years of craftsmanship, coupled with daily refinements to deliver what is consistently an exceptionally good coffee blend served in our Sierra cafes.

We’re very proud of our Sierra coffee. It’s great coffee and the cornerstone on which our business is built on, and what our customers love.

Our Baristas are skilled in the science and art of great coffee, every time.

Aside from our fresh Sierra coffee beans, behind every great coffee, is a Barista. Walk into any Sierra Café, and behind the big steamy espresso machine you'll find a skilled barista, ready and waiting to brew the perfect cup of coffee just for you.

Our Head Barista & Trainer Cam ensures our baristas in each Sierra café are trained and well versed on both the science and art behind great coffee.  From the beans, to the grinder, to the espresso machine, espresso production, milks and cleaning, the Barista training is comprehensive and on-going in the name of making consistently great coffee each and every time.