Our Cafes

Make yourself at home in our cafes.

We consider Sierra to be your home away from home. We pride ourselves on being approachable. Our doors are open to everyone. With a focus on great coffee, food and service, we’ve created café spaces for you to be comfortable in, and to settle in to.

We also understand that much of life is on the go. Hence we have café fit outs, coffee and food ‘on the go’ options to suit.

Experience the unique, local ambience at your unique, local Sierra cafe

With 33 Sierra cafés and growing, there is a format and fit‐out to suit each location and our customers’ needs wherever you live or work. There is no cookie cutting here. We appreciate our local customers, individual owner‐operators and varied locations are unique, so the experience at your local Sierra café will match the community we operate in.

Tailoring our cafes, the coffee and the food offering, means we really are part of and respectful of the local community. What remains consistent across all our cafes is our Sierra wide focus on consistently great coffee, food and service.

Our people

We’re proudly and purposefully a New Zealand owned and operated café business. All our Sierra staff are expertly trained and supported to consistently deliver you great coffee, food, and friendly, knowledgeable service.

We applaud the personal touch. Hence each Sierra cafe embraces and reflects the wants, needs and tastes of their local community and the strengths and personality of each owner‐ operator. Want to join the Sierra family and be a Sierra franchisee café partner? Read more here. Contact us here .